‘Why I’m ready to give up everything for a superior Female’

I set a potential pig a homework challenge. To write a 200 word blog about why he was ready to give up everything for the superior female. Here’s his response.

Over the last ten years I have been slowly sinking ever more deeply into addiction. I am now completely hooked on being blackmailed by the superior female. Handing over real power and risking everything has become the drug whose grip I cannot escape. It started with small manageable scenarios but soon escalated to non-consensual edge play.

I learned that Asian Dominatrix make by far the most effective and coldly ruthless blackmailers and my life became centred on serving several such superior Females. Their demands and intrusions increased to the point where something had to give so I confessed all to my wife whom was heartbroken and shocked but forgave me, just. I turned over a new leaf and began to live an honourable life. But now, just over a year later, my addiction is calling me back. Tempting me to take the ultimate step and hand over power to one whom would be utterly relentless and merciless in stripping me of absolutely everything, wife, job, home, money and laugh at my suffering showing not a shred of compassion or mercy. I stand on the edge of the abyss, ready to jump, Madam Maia the perfect one to orchestrate my ruin.



The Endless Cycle Of “Instadommes” and “Timewasters”

Oh dear. All is not well in the online Findom community. It seems like my Twitter timeline has been completely awash with three words lately;




With those on both sides calling each other out, screaming accusations and trying to start feuds. So what does this all mean for the future of the fetish online, and what the fuck is going on?

From my perspective, it’s a problem comprised of a number of factors:

1) An over saturated market. New ‘Findoms’ pop up every day, each with a new spin and a new spiel to lure in the boys, rinse them and make them cry. Drawn to the fetish by money (I mean, aren’t we all… really?) and with an amateur outlook. Findoms massively out number finsubs and the competition is fierce.

With this saturation comes back biting, bitching and fighting amongst the women. Hurling cheap insults at each other over Twitter and having their piglet minions do their bidding for them. Pause for a second and think.

In what kind of world is it ever acceptable for two superior women to shout petty abuse at each other over such trivial things as the quality of their manicures, and their physical attributes. The behaviour is disgusting ladies, we are goddesses. Save your abuse for the unworthy males that are there to serve you. Our support should be for each other.

This over saturation has lead to the phenomenon of ‘instadommes’. Women who hear about the fetish and want to give it a try. They pop up on Twitter, search out the competition, mimic the established dominants, seek out a few weak idiots who call themselves #paypig, post a few blurry pictures of their bodies, booties and pedicures then demand Amazon gift cards in return.

I’m personally conflicted about this kind of Domme. One one hand, one has to respect a woman who is getting exactly what society owes her. Taking money from losers online because… frankly it’s there for the taking. The men are willing, so what’s the problem?

On the other hand. It cheapens the experience. It waters down the fetish, and frankly it’s a little bit embarrassing to watch. Those men with a genuine blackmail and financial fetishes find it more difficult to find genuinely dominant women to serve and therefore as they search for someone to truly fulfil them, the word ‘fake’ gets bandied around more. Suddenly, Dommes are having to prove themselves through verification, or defend themselves against idiot ‘white knight’ type ‘subs’ who somehow take on the responsibility of exposing and insulting the ‘instadommes’. These ‘white knights’ tend to be men who like to call themselves submissive, but who thrive on drama and acceptance instead.

2) The timewasters.

I cannot stress this enough. Financial submission is NOT AN EXCHANGE OF GOODS AND SERVICES. It is an acknowledgement that the weak serves the strong in the only way they are useful.

Timewasters either engage with the dominant because it thrills them to indulge the fantasy but never plan to tribute (because they don’t value women enough to put their hand in their pocket) or they expect something in return for the exchange. They still don’t realise how unimportant their desires are. I’m not here to cater to you. You’re here to cater to me.

Sure, watching you performing for me like a monkey whilst I laugh and humiliate you is funny, but honey, all I really want is your money. Without paying me, you’re utterly fucking useless to me, and no thanks, I don’t want to see a picture of your dick right now. That thing, along with your amateurish tributes are nothing to be proud of. You live to serve me. What’s mine is yours. I want EVERYTHING. This isn’t a two way street, if it was… I’d be a whore.

What I’m trying to say, is that the community is filled with kinksters. People who want to be humiliated and / or serve the superior gender, but for whom money is often a secondary issue. This means that when a Mistress / Goddess / Domme has been burned by so many timewasters she begins to preserve herself and become hyper vigilant and defensive. Those that don’t step up and pay quickly are labeled ‘timewasters’, and unfortunately that means that sometimes genuine subs are branded with a label that is hard to shake.

The conclusion? Basically no one trusts anyone. The subs can’t tell which Dommes are real, and the Dommes have spent too long being fucked around by men not willing to pay that they’re asking for money up front to avoid getting burned and wasting their time. The clue is in the name. Submissive men are needy. Really needy. It’s exhausting. You need constant supervision and you really do waste our time.

The solution. Men. Pay up. Even if it’s a small tribute initially to introduce yourself and show your interest. That way you’re genuine.

Dommes? Verify yourselves. Stay strong. Don’t let idiots take advantage of you.


The Three Types of Money Slave

#paypig #moneyslave #humanATM – There are all kinds of men who are attracted to financial domination, but I believe you can categorise them into three (when it comes to online domination especially)

1) The Stalker

This is the kind of little dicked nobody who keeps his distance. He’ll favourite tweets, read blogs, wank his tiny cock over pictures without permission but his overwhelming cowardly nature will keep him from ever putting his hand in his pocket. He likes the idea of financial domination but would never have the courage to do it. Why? Because he’s an asshole, he’s not really submissive, and he’s still unwilling to let go of the ridiculous notion that men and women are equal.

This type is unavoidable, but relatively harmless. My advice? Get involved you fucking idiots. You’ll find your life will become more enriched because of it. What’s better? Watching porn or fucking? Fucking, obviously. So what do you think will be better, reading about financial domination or actively trying it? Come to mamma…

2) The Talker

My least favourite kind of asshole. The kind that has an in built defiant streak and gets a kick out of stringing along a dominant woman, in the hopes of getting his kicks for free. The WORST kind of “sub” on the Internet, and the scourge of the community. You are single handedly contributing to the downfall of the fetish / scene and I despise you. Because of you, there has been an influx of timewasters, fantasists and part timers. Get the fuck off my blog, you’re wasting my time.

The talker will contact a Dom, spill his disgusting little guts about his problems, his urges and his twisted fantasies and in a panicked mid wank state promise the earth in exchange for his one chance to serve. Don’t be fooled, once he’s cum he won’t pay up. He wants to talk about it because that’s what gets him off. He’ll ask you you blackmail him and then chicken out seconds afterwards, disappearing, begging and occasionally threatening to get his own way. I have known a couple of these fuckwits (especially early on in my career when I worked in a dungeon) and I have to say they’re the very worst.

My advice? Fuck off.

3) The Baller

The baller. The rarest of them all. Often spotted selflessly tributing or paying up anonymously and expecting nothing in return. Newsflash, being a financial dominant isn’t about exchanging goods and services. It’s not about having men pay you for access to your body, even if it’s just in photographic form. It’s about controlling men and taking what belongs to you.

You’re not getting a skype call with me because you paid for it. I’m not your puppet, this is a REWARD FOR GOOD BEHAVIOUR. The baller understands this.

The baller gets his kicks serving and seeing what his money is doing, being much better spent in the pockets of someone worthy. So to the ballers, the good little piggies, and the genuine cash slaves I want you to enjoy this rare moment of praise. Whether you’re tributing to me, or some other harsh cruel mistress, at least you’ve got a shread of integrity, one tiny redeeming quality in your worthless little body. Congratulations, now you can serve me.

Are you a baller? Want to prove it? Apply to be my cashslave by sending an email to bowtomadammaia@gmail.com telling me your most embarrassing fantasy.


I Fucking Hate Men

Men disgust me.

I’ve been thinking recently about misandry, and the wider picture when it comes to contempt between the genders and have concluded that rather than fight them I should embrace my feelings towards men, as they are only natural.

I’m confronted every day with another instance of how vile the male sex is. From the endless objectifying of things that don’t belong to them. To the patriarchal values our society holds which means that the weaker sex is treated the most favourably. Fuck that noise. It’s time for women to take back control.

Are you a lost and confused paypig? Then listen up. Yes we DO deserve your money. YES you should be working to provide for us. Yes it’s natural to feel like your place in this world is to SERVE. You’re helping balance the scales. When you tribute, you’re doing something positive to undo all the crap that your fellow man has done. You’re finally acknowledging the lack of balance, and you’re giving women the upper hand. It’s the least you could do. So put your hand in your pocket and cough up, and quickly.

Imagine a society, that is a complete matriarchy. In which men are finally treated like the second class citizens they are. Where women hold the most powerful decision making positions, and we finally out smart, out earn and out fuck our stupid masculine counterparts.

Imagine a place where the men are complete slaves, and treated like nothing more than factory farmed meat. Chained up all day in the darkness, and only taken out to be used, toyed with and fucked.

Imagine walking into a restaurant and eating your food off a tray, stabilised by a male fuck pig on all fours. The plug in his ass connecting the table. Every move he makes blissful agony, whilst the women he serve, laugh, mock and humiliate him.

Imagine a world where men walk the streets cowering in fear from the girl gangs who roam the roads, looking for vulnerable men to kidnap, take back to their homes, toy with and torture for their own sexual gratification.

Imagine it. Wouldn’t it be bliss?

MM x

Want to tell me more about how much of a piece of shit you are? bowtomadammaia@gmail.com

The 3 Types Of Financial Domme

In my experience, there are a variety of reasons why a woman is attracted to financial domination, and if you fancy being a little bit reductive, you can probably categorise those women into one of three camps.

1) The Princess 


‘The princess’ is the kind of girl who can’t work, won’t work, and why should she? Usually recognisable by lots of pink, sparkly things, a tiny yapping dog, a stratospheric overdraft and long hair extensions.

The princess loves the money, but if she’s honest, she’s more cut out for a life of a high maintenance bratty sugar baby. Bleeding hapless halfwit men dry, whilst she suns herself in Saint-Tropez. Dominance isn’t her strong point, but she does love the cash and will use it to buy designer bags, sugary cocktails and manicures.

Beautiful and bubbly, the princess is most likely to be a student or single mum, but she probably won’t tell you that. It would ruin the fantasy.

The princess is the perfect entry level financial domme, especially for first time submissives. She won’t bleed you dry, she’ll probably keep her distance, but she will spend your money. She just might have a conscience though…

2) The Mistress


The mistress is a dominant through and through. Usually you’ll know her by her steely glare, commanding presence and enduring elegance. She’s used to having men at her feet and licking her boots and taking your money is just another way for her to take the power from you and make you feel helpless.

The mistress will get you to open your heart and open your wallet. Lull you into a false sense of security, then crush you. Your money is just another way to pay tribute to a superior goddess like her.

Be sure you want to get mixed up with a goddess like her, because the marks she’ll leave on you will go further than skin deep.

3) The Greedy Bitch


The most dangerous of all the financial dommes. The greedy bitch doesn’t give a shit about you, only the contents of your wallet. She will bleed you dry without a second thought. Her conviction is almost psychopathic. No empathy, just pure greed.

She doesn’t use your money to pay bills, she uses it to drape herself in jewels, designer dresses and furs. She loves the smell of the money, the taste of it. She loves the feeling of the paper slipping through her fingers as she counts it. She takes your cash and doesn’t give you a second thought.

So which type of Domme gets under your skin?

Tell me your secrets on twitter: https://twitter.com/MistressMaia

Or email me: bowtomadammaia@gmail.com

FYI I’ll be blogging about the three times of financial slaves shortly. Stay tuned 🙂

Life Ruining Financial Blackmail

What is a blackmail fetish, and why to people have it? 

It’s a good question. I like to think that in my time as a Domme, I’ve managed to dig my way into the heads of my male (and female) submissives enough to understand their psyche a little. Most fetishes like this seem to come from a fear. This fear can excite you, or it can paralyse you, and for some lucky enough to let go, they can allow that fear to become something wonderfully fulfilling. 

Not following? Let me break it down for you.

Imagine you’re an average build, middle management, middle aged man. You spend your days staying on the right side of the law, providing for your family and keeping out of trouble. You work hard, you try to be a good person, and you’d be devastated if your life came tumbling down. 

What people don’t know is that you’re driven by something else. Something that feels so good and so terribly wrong at the same time. Something that’s started to eat you up inside.

You’re a submissive male, nobody knows, and if they found out they’d be disgusted. 

Maybe you like feet. The high arches, the dirty stockings, and the feeling of being trapped underneath them.

Maybe you sit at work, fantasising about donning a maid’s uniform and scrubbing a toilet, whilst a woman stands over you and berates you. Calling you a worthless piece of shit. A pig. A scumbag. A cunt. She spits on you and calls you a waste of skin, and you feel whole.

And maybe, the idea of the people you love, the people you’re closest to, finding out about your sick sexual desires fills you with dread?

Maybe the thought of seeing your colleagues faces as an anonymous letter drops on to your bosses desk, containing pictures of you masturbating in women’s underwear with the word SLUT scrawled across your chest in red lipstick, a face filled with shame, terrifies you. Maybe that thought eats away at you and starts to drive you. Maybe it thrills you.

So you crave that rush. That terror. That fear. You seek out someone to help you. She holds your life to ransom and you love it.

Because you’re so afraid of losing it.

So maybe that’s why you like it?

What Motivates a Financial Domme

I should start by saying that this only reflects my personal experiences as a dominant and is not representative of all financial dominatrixes out there, but it goes some way to showing you what drives me to keep squeezing money from paypigs. 

I have been dominant in my private life ever since I can remember, and it was always been an interesting dichotomy. Outwardly I’m a privately educated, professional, woman. Inside I’m a ruthless domme bitch who loves to exploit and destroy men. 

About 2 years ago, I started to work at a professional dungeon. I had a good day job, and was balancing working at the dungeon with my every day life. It was great, I loved having all of these new toys to play with and an endless string of men. I was (and am) truly a sadist so loved the kick I got out of teasing, denying, witholding and controlling these pathetic losers. 

The money never entered into it for me at first, but it was a fun bonus. I always thought that financial dommes were lazy students with a shopping habit, but I took real pleasure in getting up close and personal with a submissive maggot, wrapping a gloved hand around his neck and being close enough to see the fear and respect in his (or her) eyes… but one day something changed. 

A regular submissive of mine used to bring me gifts to the dungeon, it started with a bottle of nice champagne here and there, before it escalated into more and more extravagant tributes. One day during a scene, he confessed to me that he’d been spending almost all of his disposable income on either visiting me, or buying me gifts. As this broken man, sat collared at my feet, sobbing pathetically I felt something awaken inside of me. He wanted to please me and was willing to give up his own happiness and luxuries for his mistress. It was a different kind of domination, one that ensured that I stayed with him even after he’d left my company, one that meant that I had total control over him in every area of his life. 

So now, I get a real rush from seeing a man open his wallet to me. As deplorable and disgusting as I find these silly piggies, I do still feel a strange affection for them. Their loyalty. Their sacrifice. 

Real domination is taxing, and so I will only be taking on a few very stringently selected loyal slaves in 2013. Submissive cashcows are encouraged to cashcow, but if you’re expecting recognition, you’re looking in the wrong place. 

If you’re interested in becoming my pet, email me at : bowdowntomadammaia@gmail.com and tell me why you think you deserve to be my human ATM.